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Read more Read less. About this Event Embrace the cliche at the Witches' Conclave as we explore the history and usage of the Witch's Broom. Share with friends. Map and Directions View Map. What is the white fluffy snow-like material inside bracts Toggle navigation Search for. Search for. Seen this? Featured Image Library Blog. Visit Read this? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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It runs the gamut and has several pages of detailed rituals to boot. If I happened to be a practitioner of these arts then this book would be one to have on the shelf. As a non-practitioner, this was the most fascinating bit for me. It described the history and public perception of the broom as a symbol of Witchcraft but if I was trying to put any of this to use I'd feel that I was getting the figurative shaft from the author. This is an amusing bit of writing but it seems to try to be two things when one would do.

Those who are interested in history are unlikely to want to cast spells. Those who cast spells So approach this one with a grain of salt and then sweep that salt right out the front door but only if your broom is properly anointed with cinnamon oil and has a stout Alder handle. I don't have much to say about this one other than "it's OK.

Witches' brooms: what they look like and why they form

I know there are a lot of old superstitions in the American south surrounding brooms, and I've met some people from various parts of the African continent who had some interesting folklore about them as well. What little there was on that was tossed in as bullet points, a kind of filler between articles.

It was I don't have much to say about this one other than "it's OK. I am too cynical about the whole commercialized neo-pagan thing to comment in detail on the content, but it did seem like most of the articles were very basic and vague. They read like the sort of thing one might find in a local club newsletter. Most of it boiled down to " X can mean this or that Your mileage may vary.

As for the e-book version, the randomly changing font style and sizes was a little weird, and the formatting looked amateur. Given how long Llewellyn Publications has been in business, one would think they'd have this formatting thing polished by now. Mar 14, Acquafortis rated it really liked it Shelves: wicca. I was fascinated by the title of the book. Magic, witches and broom Deborah Blake skilfully starts the book with our concept of a witch and her companion broom and obviously there is always the cat , what goes around that image and what has fostered it through the ages.

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  5. The book continues with the basics of what a broom is, its history, how it is made, its various shapes and sizes through the eras, different culture I was fascinated by the title of the book. The book continues with the basics of what a broom is, its history, how it is made, its various shapes and sizes through the eras, different cultures and the detailed, well explained DIY section to create your own broom for ritual purposes.

    Have you ever thought how a broom came into being Blake is very flexible I am not a witch and do not practice the Craft although I am aware of both the magic and the energies at play in such traditions. Reading this book helped me have a peak inside the Wiccan rituals, putting together information that I gathered through my curiosity forays in such themes.

    It is a practical cool book to demonstrate how we can use everyday tools to became more aware of the world around us and actively partake into its harmonious creation. A great book to any Wiccan curious or budding apprentices of the Craft.

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    4. Apr 06, Michelle's Book rated it it was amazing. This book provided a lot of great information on the history of the broom. In addition, it was a great read. Jun 22, Kimberly rated it liked it.

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      So much filler! I had wondered how the author would create an entire book pages on brooms. Large type, empty space and a great deal of repetition help to streeeeetch what should have been a booklet into a book. It's not a "bad" book, and so I gave it my 3 star "ok" rating. But it could have been so very much better. This book was a basic book about witches [neo-pagans] and their brooms. I would say this book is good for reference of newer lore, but some of the historical facts I am not sure of the accuracy. Sep 29, Chris Fielding rated it it was ok. My disappointment largely stems from simply wanting more information.

      For someone who doesn't know much about the lore and craft of brooms, it might be an interesting read. Dec 05, Jason rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , arcs , h-ween. Before you read this book, visualize the importance of that statement. I don't know much about Wicca as a religion and don't mean any disrespect.

      Witches' Conclave - Making a Witch's Broom Tickets, Tue, Jul 23, at PM | Eventbrite

      Because of its historical backg netgalley A broom is a serious thing, both historically, and magically. Because of its historical background, and the way it is continuously misrepresented in today's world, I eagerly await commentary! So slash my review to pieces, if not only to educate me, but also the readers of this review. I went into this book thinking two things. And maybe from a historical standpoint!! I wondered if all this negativity around brooms was just another way to marginalize women.

      If you think about it, particularly at its earliest use and function, women generally did all the household cleaning, so what better way of affording them more constriction and restriction than to put a negative connotation on the word broom, and then to subscribe some rather faulty logic to support it? I researched quite a bit, in my inquisitive youth, about Wicca.

      I thought it would be an interesting way of looking at religion from a perspective outside the current climate of hate that overwhelms Christianity. Given this brief, and scant knowledge of Wicca, I knew some things, as in the origin of the 'witches fly' myth but not the why , and the use of brooms as cleaning, both physically and spiritually.

      Room on the Broom By Julia Donaldson & Illustrated By Axel Scheffler

      I knew that it can be used to cleanse a sacred space and for protection. As a side-note brooms aren't always used for magic, but the author has thoughts on how to make the common act of cleaning a bit more spiritual. There are ways of using a broom for common, physical use as well as magic ones. For instance, the author speaks to actually cleaning your living space. Don't own a broom YET!

      Witch’s Broom

      The real lovely part here is that we get a core understanding of these figureheads. The myth of flying…. There is really no physical way to fly on a broom Surprise , however, there was 'flying ointment', a mixture of all things oily, and, among other things, the wickedly delicious hemlock. I jest, it was in fact deadly. The interesting part here is that it 'gave the feeling of flying'; the use most resembles the way acid manifests itself. This issue, one that perked my attention from the start, is explored further on in the book. As we exit to the more mystical, less tactile experiences and notions about the broom, we head into its function as a magical tool.

      Along with the cleaning I mentioned early, the broom is often used for spells, including protection. Fetch your broom and sweep those negative vibes away. This is one of the many examples that someone who doesn't subscribe totally to Wiccan can use a broom in a magic like way. I could see this as both a reject and adjustment of your relationship to self and others, meaning letting things go, as well as a way of pushing other peoples' issues out that door. There are, as one would expect with an item so steeped in negative feelings and fables, many stories and lore.

      For instance, step over a broom and become a mother before a wife.

      Given my observation that husbands are more a hardship than a benefit, I laughed at the ways this would be such a terribly thing. Seriously though, these little historical tidbits aren't all that negative, and while they were a way of criticizing and viewing witches in times past, they are sorta laughable from a contemporary orientation.