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I mean they are everything I love. I remember reading a blurb of what these books were and I instantly fell in love with the idea. I've always wanted to read one and hope that Braswell expands to more Disney films.

A Polar Bear in Love

It was a little darker than I thought it would be but it makes sense because Jafar would do cruel things if he was the sultan. I am planning on reading the other books sometime though. Thank you so much for commenting, I appreciate it! I just thought it was neat to see how the movie would go if Jafar had instead gotten the lamp instead of Aladdin.

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Disney Twisted Tales: help?

I'd forgotten what it was like. Rose disappeared 5 years ago, apparently. Under an apple tree in Texas. She was lying in the breeze, thinking about the vastness of the world, feeling the wind between her fingers. Her parents were down the hill. So here we are, months later. Those of us who are alive and celebrate Christmas dreamt of festive nightmares, and swapped them with each other. Ai-Fan joined in too, despite it not being her creed.

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Nick created this wonderful Christmas tree, which we all passed through our minds and gasped at. It was gold, silver, wonderful. Some of those who were fraying seemed to momentarily bounce back, to have more of a mind again.

It was nice. I used some of Rose's memories of her hometown to make a nice little vision for us all- of a town that had Christmas all year. They'd decorate their homes and tanks and talk about the Christmas spirit. It was nice, nicer than some of the dreams I'd had recently. For a moment, even in the dark, it felt like family. Felt like home.

All Just a Dream

Like I was really holding my spoon, and it wasn't just a twisted candle in the dark. There's a girl here, who binds us all together. She's called Gulya, and she's one of the oldest ones here. She was the same age as me when she was taken. It's sad, that- we're stuck down here, in perpetual childhood or perpetual adolescence, dreaming for a power we can't think about or know about. Gulya was pretty, but that doesn't really matter any more.

All I can see is her mind, her sparkling mind. It has a kind of vaguely fluorescent glow- I'm not sure how to describe it. Like a constant spark of an idea.

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She's had lots of ideas. It was her who first worked out how we could communicate with each other, how we could send and steal dreams from one another. I like her. I like her a lot. I don't want to be writing all this down. Actually, I'm not writing it down, I'm dreaming it down, but still. Go away. Gulya and I keep talking. She keeps everyone sane. There are hundreds, thousands of minds that eventually make their way here. It's hard to talk about distance here, as I said earlier- it kind-of exists, but not really.

It's like a feeling, more than a physical space. Like everything here, I suppose. I'm being what Auntie calls "tiresomely pretentious" again. Gulya is the mother to thousands. She teaches them how to dream, tries to keep them together, takes their memories when they can't hold themselves together any more. She encourages their dreams, makes them bigger and bolder. The other day, there was a fraying boy dreaming of a set of gears, and he didn't know what to do with them.

So she took them, and made them a grand machine, with workings impossible and greater than anything he could have done. He was so happy, his fraying seemed to stop, or even reverse, for a moment. That was nice. I think Gulya likes me. My dreams are the brightest, after all, despite what Nick insists.

They're so much clevererer. Wait, one too many "er"s there. I don't really need this diary any more; the conversation of the thousands of us stuck down here is usually enough. As is Gulya. Keeps me sane. The only thing is, I absorbed a memory and a dream today. It was from someone barely alive in the first place, someone not yet born.

A Twisted Tale Collection: A Boxed Set | shopDisney

They'd been cut out, you see, but in their last heartbeat they were stolen. They're dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of the cold and the rage they felt in that instant.

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They'd been floating through here for a few weeks, batting to and fro, picking up scattered images and memories of the faded. There wasn't much of them left, really, and they had pretty much all unraveled.

I picked up the dream, tidied it a bit, let it fly.