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Know another quote from Delicatessen?
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She was a complex, contradictory, unpredictable character, who really did live several lives.

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Those alone are the things that I wanted to render—not precisely what she said, but her tone, her rhythm. Tonal transitions occur between paragraphs, from sentence to sentence, and even within sentences, producing a challenging suite of registers for the translator.

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Open your eyes, buddy! Despite the many tonal shifts, we always know we are rooted in the errant, challenging, deeply compelling inner monologue of Louise Bourgeois. I think for me a good translation is one in which the translator recognises that fidelity to content, to denotation, is not the only or even the most important level.

It must be a multi-level fidelity, a multi-directional fidelity that includes tone, sound, speed, cultural nuances, grammatical structures, and many other aspects. Even though my place was there, and not here, but it all tends to get turned around. Apart from here and apart from there.

The Louison Team's Neighborhood News - August 2009 Edition

Apart from everything. In this shoot from the archive, styles are inspired by the rich metaphorical world of bubbles. From the Realism Issue. Photography by Marek Chorzepa, styling by Kat Ambroziak.

Fashion from the Gossip Issue. From the Gossip Issue.

The fair Louise

The second term was full of people from Google. Tina reads Will Wiles on geological time, high weirdness and the the horrible sense that events are accelerating.

The fair Louise

Tina reads Eugenia Lapteva on the uncanny power of slips of the tongue. Tina reads Peter Lyle on the use and nature of prophetic visions.

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In conversation with the author Charlie Fox. Issue Issue 23 Coming Soon. Issue 17 Coming Soon. Issue 16 Coming Soon.

Louison Pearl Pierced Earrings, White, Rhodium plated

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louisonbobey's collection | Bandcamp

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