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  1. Four keys to unlocking more inclusive smart cities – IoT Agenda
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  3. Exclusive: AT&T president talks 4 keys to unlocking inclusive smart cities
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Do the same to lock the car. The car keys should stay in the car.

Four keys to unlocking more inclusive smart cities – IoT Agenda

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keys to unlocking our cities Manual

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There may not be a single city anywhere that believes it has enough money to accomplish all it wants and needs to do. To deal with budget pressures, cities need to make every effort to collect, manage, and spend their resources effectively.

Exclusive: AT&T president talks 4 keys to unlocking inclusive smart cities

This has helped reduce underreporting by stores. Several specific actions have proved successful: In addition, great city leaders accept that not every service, from information services to park maintenance, needs to be provided directly by government personnel, and they acknowledge that the mandate for government changes over time. Although authorities may be wary of giving up control, well-designed public—private partnerships have proved capable of delivering infrastructure and services at lower cost and higher quality. The key is to define concrete, measurable goals using cost-benefit analysis and rigorous performance metrics.

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Britain has done this with road-building partnerships, establishing high-level guidance and setting out the conditions under which toll roads can be built. Regardless of where the money is coming from, there is no substitute for good governance and investment accountability—that is, the ranking, design, delivery, and management of capital investments.

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This may sound obvious, but it is not nearly as common as it should be. MGI has noted that, in some countries, half or more of electricity is lost in transmission and distribution. Reducing those losses is a lot cheaper than building new power plants. One example of how this can work in practice comes from San Francisco.

The city created a capital-oversight body to hold developers and other city entities accountable for delivering on the investments.

Among other things, they are required to make available to the public annual development reports and ten-year master plans. Technology can be a game changer. The right data can be analyzed to help increase revenues, lower capital spending, and improve services. This can be as simple as using sensors to adjust street lighting depending on ambient-light conditions—which results in lower costs and no loss of quality.

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To take another example, New York City is using data on clogged basins to identify which restaurants might be illegally dumping grease. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Keys To Unlocking Our Cities. Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. World Cities Day, created by the United Nations in , promotes awareness of global urbanization and pushes forward cooperation among countries in addressing the challenges of urbanization and contributing to sustainable development.

We proudly support great cities and communities around the globe driving the forefront of the urban movement:. Instagram Asset 1 logo Download Infographic What can we do for your city? Connect with us.