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  1. Secret Coke Machine Debug Menu
  2. The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to DeadSoldier For This Useful Post:
  3. New Coke Machine Hack - Drink + Refund! - hack
  4. Hack a coke machine
  5. Step 2: The Keys

This is the option you want, so you select it with 4. It now says a number it might have to scroll it that is the total amount of cash the machine has ever seen. Now, you hit 2 or 3, and you can scroll through each button, and selecting them to see how much cash has been spent on that button. So, now you are done with that, and want to try something else. So, you hit 1 a couple of times until you are back in the main menu.

You scroll around until you see "SALE" and select that. The main number is how many bottles of coke this machine has sold ever, and the slots are how many of what drink has been sold since the last time the guy who fills the machine pushed the reset button on the inside. So, now you are done messing around with the coke machine and want to exit the debug menu so you can buy a coke.

Well, you can either go back to the main menu and select "rtrn" by pressing 4, or just hold down the change return button for a while. I knew that before it was posted all over, I knew a guy who worked stocking coke machines. Now there going to change it because you bitches, and my freind doesn't work for them anymore. Die slowly and painfully. Serren - - Religion? Religion is a Blasphemy against humanity - From the film What the Bleep do we know siggy link So stumbling?

Find More Posts by Smeggle. Find More Posts by anubis I have a few PDF's on programming a Coke machine, and got once got two Gatoraids from a vending machine but only paid for one Site Help us count.

Step 2: The Keys

Find More Posts by beanboy It works on the machines at my school. I'll have to play with it tommorrow. I tried it today at school, but I only got "cash" and then it dissappeared as quickly as it showed up. After that I couldn't get it back but I'll keep trying I had a pic for this thread but I lost it.

I went to get my haircut yesterday and they had a sign on the drink machine that said "be careful the cokes will spew" And they had gone back and wrote " all drinks " over coke. Find More Posts by Bizzeh. At school someone smashed the window in a vending machine by accident with a stool. It was empty within minutes. Find More Posts by mark. IS it possibble?

Nice scheme there smeggle. The way we made money up here was with buses. After you'd pay your fair, you could get a transfer card that was good for 2 hours. We would take a peice of steel wool and by scratching it just right, you could make the card have infinite transfer time. As far as I know you can still do that with the cards too, but we stopped doing it a while ago. We were also the only people who knew the right way to scratch the cards, so we basically owned the market. Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Search this Thread : Advanced Search.

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Secret Coke Machine Debug Menu

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Not by some intense analysis of system logfiles and audit trails but by the fact that they're the ones with a big pile of empty 7-Up cans in their wastebasket! Here's an old one. In the few years after Communism fell the Polish Zloty was worth a fraction of a US dollar in August when the currency was first freed you could get on the street , but the one zloty coin "read" like a US quarter. It was quite revealing to hear a vending machine filler knowledgably discuss international finance.

This reminds me of how I HACKED my garbage service by waiting outside for them to pick it up, then quickly refilling the can and rolling it around the corner for them to pick up again! Two containers of garbage picked up for the price of one! The error in their protocol is that while the cans are individually serialized, there is no checking done upon pickup for duplicates! Bruce, I've said it before and I remain respectful, but this kind of chum is not why we're here and interested in what you have to say regarding security :.

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  6. I was in Munich some time back for a summer job, staying in a campground used by a lot of other foreign students also on summer jobs. IIRC there was another low-value Polish coin that read sufficiently like a German 5 Deutschmark coin to fool many cigarette machines.

    The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to DeadSoldier For This Useful Post:

    I believe the coin was no longer used in Poland - you might have been able to bring them in to a bank, but not spend them in shops. Not surprisingly, many people were declining to bring these near-worthless slugs in to the banks, when anyone who was going to Germany could turn them into a backpack full of dirt-cheap cigarettes. Many years ago when I was a teenager, I went to Italy and ended up bringing back a bunch of 50 lire pieces because they were worth so little the money changers at the airport wouldn't accept them.

    Delighted I was to find that the machines at the biggest video arcade in my area easily accepted them as tokens. Paul C.

    I will h4x0rz my garbage next week. Give Bruce a break. It's clearly been a slow security-news day. We used to "hack" the incoming-only phone line in college by rapidly clicking the pulse code on the handset switch. It was OK for local numbers with only 6 digits, but the error rate was sufficiently high that trunk calls usually failed.

    New Coke Machine Hack - Drink + Refund! - hack

    It's difficult to input 9 or 10 clicks for the numbers 9 and 0 sufficiently fast and not lose count. They eventually changed the line to an exchange-side one way line. There was a vending machine like this in my apartment building for a long time. If you ordered a drink from rows beneath the height of the dispenser, the belt would jam, the soda would remain at the bottom of the machine, and you'd get your money back. The funniest part about this was that the desirable sodas were all on the bottom, so in order to get, say, root beer, one needed to exploit the machine.

    Needless to say, there were many Minute Maid Lite Lemonade bottles stacked around the floor of the vending machine that people simply didn't want after receiving two free sodas.

    The vending machine at my workplace "fixes" this by never giving refunds, even when it fails to deliver goods I found out quite accidentally honest! I've spent a great deal of time being abused by disfunctional vending machines, laundry machines, etc. I feed them money, they do nothing or in the case of driers, they spin for an hour, and I come back to find cold wet laundry.

    Hack a coke machine

    Persuading the college to refund is difficult because there is a lack of evidence, and because they probably lose money on the devices from students cheating them. One morning I saw a vending machine for which the front door had been very carefully removed and left standing beside it. I'm pretty sure the reason that Carnegie Mellon swapped out the one conveyor-belt machine they used to have is that I know a number of people who would do this regularly.

    The design of those machines is rather awful. I doubt they noticed the missing revenue, but the procedure has a tendency to jam the machines, especially after they turned down the torque on the conveyor belt so the second bottle would just get stuck instead of dispensing. New Jersey has this rivalry with New York. New Jersey picked a token for one of their mass transit systems that would operate the old New York City turnstiles, so they had to be replaced. In Japan, a soda machine hacked me. I put in my money, the machine transformed into a lady and ran away. This guy I use to know got this one from an army pal of his You take a nice crisp dollar bill, about 4 feet of packing tape folded over so its not sticky, and attach tape the edge of the bill.

    Step 2: The Keys

    Insert bill, it will pause while the machine reads the relevant symbols. When the bill starts to continue feeding in YANK out the bill by the lenght of tape. You get the product and the change. Don't tell anybody else. My original comment: Other than being illegal and immoral, I could imagine such behaviours would be fairly common in schools that have vending machines. The easiest way I can think of to prevent such an attack is to have a "tilt" flag that gets set upon any error condition, thus disabling the machine completely until an authorized service representative arrives.

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