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Keep chasing him and attacking him with punches. When he blocks, re-adjust your front foot to the outside again. Here, the southpaw pivots his back foot up. He appears to be an easy target for my right hand but this is NOT the right move. If I go for the right hand, he can easily evade it by leaning back. If you time it right, you will be pivoting away when the southpaw throws his right hook.

No matter how hard you try, some southpaws will beat you to it. Some southpaws are a little sloppy when they slip outside your left.

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If you catch him leaning in with his head too far out from his hips, drop your left arm against his neck. Walk into him, push him off balance, and crush him under you. You can also put him in a head lock. Yes, just run away. Quickly take a step back or two and even your feet up again.

No further explanation needed, right? Back Him Into the Ropes. Many southpaw vs orthodox fights will end up here. Anytime the southpaw gets his front foot outside yours, try to lead him into the ropes. You are using your left arm to push him away, not punch him. Extend your arm and use your left glove to push his head away as you retreat.

Pushing his head keeps him from getting closer to you and further running behind your front foot. The moment his head slips past your glove, he can reach your head and body with big punches. Extending the left glove into his face is a great tactic to give you room as you back away. Now we just have to wait for his left hand….

It works well against aggressive southpaws and especially against ones that get too close to you. In fact, you can only do this move when the southpaw close to you. The closer he is behind you, the more effective the move. The further behind you the southpaw, the better.

Try to bait his left hand by leaning away as you frustrate him with your left arm. Pivot INTO the southpaw! Once you learn how to control the stance against a southpaw, fighting them becomes quite manageable. The defense, the offense, all that stuff comes easy when you have the position advantage. Below are some basic tips for defending, attacking, and countering the southpaw. The second most important key to beating southpaws: Countering, not just avoiding, the left hand!

Tiger Woods' Top Rivals Throughout His Career

Years of training to watch for right hands have now left you vulnerable to the left cross. In those scenarios, I like to place my right hand tight to the side and rotate my entire body to the front. The southpaw jab is a dangerously distracting punch. Every fight starts off with you trying to out-paw each other with your jabbing arm. Next thing you know, you get hit by a hard left because you were too busy trying to out-jab the southpaw. As for avoiding his jab, just keep your head moving and throw a few of your own jabs, but always watch for his big left!

The southpaw jab will always be dangerous because it sets up bigger punches. You need to defend against it using well-trained reflexes practice through hours of drills and practice. Your active defense focus, should be spent looking for the big left hand. Watch out for it and be sure to pull your head back or block it! If you decide to block the right hook, make sure your hand protects both your chin and your temple.

Nonetheless the southpaw hook is still very dangerous. Demarcus Corley hurt Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather for the first time in their careers with a right hook to the temple. Your best punch against the southpaw is your right hand.

Throw the right hand in as many ways as you can. Fast lead rights, hard right uppercuts, right crosses, rights to the body.

Muhammad Ali's five losses

Lead with it, counter with it, finish with it. Just throw the right hand! Try mixing straight rights and overhand rights to the head or body to confuse his defense. A clever way to use the right hand would be to throw a fast , then pull your head back to slip his left cross counter, then come back with a big counter right. Lucian Bute throws a great southpaw uppercut to the body.

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Please watch this and use it against southpaws! Finishing with the jab rotates your body back to your normal stance so your head is not leaning in vulnerable for the counter left.

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Finishing with the jab also keeps him from chasing you with counters. Even a quick tap at his guard can keep him closed up for split second longer to give you time to get away. My favorite combo against southpaws are move or pivot away on the last jab. Many southpaws have so much success with their cross that they never develop a good hook.

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Even when they do learn how to throw a hook, the angle alone is so effective that they never learn how to throw it with real power. I would say that almost all orthodox fighters have a more powerful hook than their southpaw counter-part but the southpaw hook will hurt more because of its awkward angle.

The golf ball that made golfers too good

Landing the left hook against a southpaw usually feels awkward because your opponent can reach you with his jab before you land your hook. The angle always feels weird and your front feet are blocking each other from getting into hook range. It is however, still very possible. Watch any southpaw spar and verify this for yourself! His right hand is most likely busy loading a right hook or protecting the front of his head instead of the side.

Even the ones protecting the side of their head hold the glove too low, exposing their forehead. THAT right there is your opportunity to land hooks. In fact, southpaws have been doing this against orthodox fighters for a long time, luckily the same tactics also work well against them.