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  2. The Complete Hank Williams
  3. Hank Williams:Honey, Do You Love Me, Huh Lyrics
  4. Artist: Hank Williams | Song: Honey Do You Love Me Huh

Jwsav AM - 6 October, Quote:. Jwsav AM - 6 October, Qaud? If ther are any similar patterns you recognize, let me now. Taipanic PM - 16 October, Quote:. The song was redone by portrait but without female vocalist. AllenY PM - 2 November, Hey I also have an earworm I can't find I think the first notes are G1 C2 G2 G2 G2 and then it goes down a few, one of the G2s is longer It's something about treetops or jungle or wind blows or rain or love I have the impression lyrics include "and when the wind blows" and something about rain, a jungle, believing in love, tree tops: I'm sure it rhymes love with above, maybe high up above.

It's a slightly dark sounding song, a love ballad in something that sounds like a minor key I'm not an expert in this kind of thing. It's not classical. I live in Melbourne, Australia, so it could be from just about anywhere, I think it had a light General American accent. I suspect it was 80s or 90s but I've heard it relatively recently thanks in advance.

Puche AM - 22 November, Can you try to shazam the song from the movie?

Couples Retreat Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or Vince Vaughn movie

Ok, i look also for a song. I am french too. It is an electronic song from Sweden or maybe an other scandinavian country around I heard it just once on Fun radio with Max. There is a lot of percussions and a female voice. I think she sings in swedish but i am not really sure right beause i can not find something on the web. She speakes more than she sings and it sounds like "Ti ken do, no all tack, ti ken do do do do do, no all tack, tack, tack, tack, tack. And ven e si achi if smat" Well, the end is super shitty phonetic transcription but i am sure she says "tack" thank you in swedish.

I thought the electroband name was pyramid but, again, i found nothing on the web. Cheffdoggy PM - 30 November, Quote:.

The Complete Hank Williams

Jboii AM - 4 December, Okay the song you are most likely looking for is phone tap bye the firm yea it took me a while to find it to. Thx guys! Looking for song ending with Woman singing So in Love. Looking for a song probably from the 90s with a number of samples in it. Ends with a woman singing "So in Love.

Incredibly catchy tune. If you know this one, my brain thinks you immensely. I have scoured the lyrics world to try to find this. The course goes or something like that : Baby I'm not the one for you , you'not the one for me A round and a round in circles we go First song. Fairmaidenwhite AM - 15 January, Going crazy trying to find a s hip hop ish song. I think it was called, "Always Thinking", and some lyrics are, "I was searching for somebody wasting all my time but since the day I saw your body it's been always on my mind I'm always thinking about you, Baby, don't know what I'm gonna do.

I'm always thinking about you, Baby, don't know what I'm gonna do I used to have the cassette single. It's making me lose what's left of my sanity!!! Have a blessed day! Slower song I have some lyrics, was a male and female. Thank you in advance!! Wendygail AM - 26 January, Toms diner.

Listen to this song and tell me which 90's techno song it is based on.

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  4. Honey, Do You Love Me, Huh Lyrics.

The original has something like "what goes around " in the lyrics just can not find it at all. Thanks guys.

Zeenat PM - 29 January, Hi all Oh baby baby there's no way im getting over " pls if anyone can help me NaomiMamba PM - 1 February, Hola there is a song i saw on Snapchat from stassiebaby 1 year ago and since then I'm looking for it youtu. Serg AM - 3 February, Quote:. Nikita AM - 4 February, Need help with a lost rap song. I thought it was called Running but no luck. It's a classic 90's house song. Male lead. Runnning keep running" Or something like that. Any thoughts? I first heard it in There were two singers, one male one female both US singers, who were alternating singing.

Her lyrics were something along the lines of 'There was that time when I was on my own [or "when I was all alone] I'll tell you what I'm looking for" The lyrics rhymed throughout I can't remember much of his lyrics, but they had the same tempo as "if there's a problem that I can't fix Anyway if anyone can help I'd be sooooo grateful!!

Taipanic PM - 14 February, Quote:. Garnet27 PM - 10 April, Please help i heard this song in a video way back used this song in coc game attack its mix with man and woman goes like this " all i need is somebody with, all i need is somebody theres a word that i cant remember after that scratches then man raps, chorus is woman saying that repeatedly If anyone knows it Nub13 PM - 19 June, Im searching that song too.

Its something like deep deep deeper, deep deep deeper, deep deep deeper, yea its like that Boom boom. Its a sad song not upbeat. Any luck? Penelope16 AM - 20 July, Dip dip dip dip dip or beats beats beats beats beats?

Hank Williams:Honey, Do You Love Me, Huh Lyrics

Capella - tell me the way? The song chorus i think went something like, "I never knew Dj Aaron B. Preshy PM - 18 August, Guys please help Im looking for a song That begins like Hello my baby, sang by a female but not brenda fassie's one. Cece PM - 13 September, No that's not it, there are no vocals :. Cece PM - 13 September, So the sound effect in tune as it builds sounds like There are no vocals, I think the tune could of possibly been mixed in a hard house set, when I used to hear it in the UK clubs I need a freestyle expert!

There was a song sung by a female in the 90s.

Hank Williams Sr.

I'm Sorry for You My Friend. Let's Turn Back the Years. Window Shopping. You Win Again. Please Make Up Your Mind. Your Cheatin' Heart.

Artist: Hank Williams | Song: Honey Do You Love Me Huh

Take These Chains from My Heart. Happy Rovin' Cowboy. Freight Train Blues. San Antonio Rose. Won't You Sometimes Think of Me. Why Should I Cry. I Told a Lie to My Heart. Mother Is Gone. A Home in Heaven. You Broke Your Own Heart.

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I'm So Tired of It All. Faded Love and Winter Roses. I Wish I Had a Nickel. The Waltz of the Wind. At the First Fall of Snow. Leave Me Alone with the Blues. Little Paper Boy. Someday You'll Call My Name. The Battle of Armageddon. No One Will Ever Know. Don't Do It Darling. Wait for the Light to Shine. Swing Wide Your Gate of Love. Sundown and Sorrow. The Devil's Train. Heaven Holds All My Treasures. A House of Gold. Singing Waterfall. No Not Now.