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There are 13 crafters involved and they all do a different craft, each crafter taking a turn of manning the shop.

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They are celebrating 20 years in business this year. Melrose is a busy town, says Lucy, so there is always through traffic bringing in new customers to the shop. They also feature four guest crafters each month to keep the stock fresh. She loves to meet her customers at the craft fairs. Also, Wonderwool in Wales, is terrific. Last year Lucy took bags to Wonderwool and not one of them was identical.

Some were the same style, but had different fabric, linings, or tassles. All unique.

Lucy has been working on her bags since her two children were young, she finds that she has more time now that the children are independent. Lucy shows me a bag made using tweed that was woven in commemoration of the Iolaire disaster, which was a shipping disaster. She delights in telling me the story of meeting a naval lady at one of her craft fairs and telling her the story.

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Lucy has found a lovely lining material with little ships on it to complement the tweed. She took huge pleasure in the sale, and really enjoys meeting her customers at the fairs. I made three bags, one for each sister, which was a lovely gesture, I thought. You can find Lucy at various craft fairs and wool festivals across the country, she also exhibits with 3D2D which is a crafters organisation, based in Edinburgh, which takes space at various fairs throughout Scotland.

I get the drill and the vice out and give it a go.

The Non-Giggle-Factor about the Ashley Madison Breach

Lucy finds that even though she is happy to walk away from the deadlines now and then, she has realised that everyday she finds herself in her sewing room at some point, just pottering, checking in on where everything is at. It looks to me that she has a lovely balance of working from home, doing something she loves and still having time to help out on the farm. Practical bags with the giggle factor. See photos images.

The Giggle Factor Partnership Owner Stats

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But we are trying to describe the threat accurately and stress that this is something to be taken seriously," he says. The meeting, which was co-sponsored by the European Space Agency, will yield a multilateral report next month.

The Giggle factor - Stand up comedy competition

The gist of the report? That the chance an asteroid will hit Earth and cause catastrophe one day is small but significant, and that governments should take the risk seriously, assess the vulnerability and act to reduce the danger.

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Officials said that over a long period of time, the threat of asteroid impact is the same as the cumulative risk from other natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes or typhoons. Coradini estimates that an asteroid a few hundred yards across could create a tidal wave big enough to wash more than half a mile inland on both sides of the Atlantic if it landed between Europe and North America.

If it landed in a city, it could cause more immediate damage than an atomic bomb. Even an impact in the countryside would send enough dust into the atmosphere to make agriculture impossible even thousands of miles away.

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Such impacts are not unheard of.