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London: Routledge, This reader contains excerpts of significant texts that work to theorize race. While the emphasis is on a sociological approach, Theories of Race and Racism brings together scholarship from the humanities and social sciences in an effort to offer conceptual tools to analyze racial inequality.

Baldwin, Andrew. DOI: Baldwin presents an overview of research on whiteness, arguing that the majority of scholarship orients whiteness in the past.

The Problem with “Privilege”

In contrast, he considers the significance of visions of the future of whiteness. Through this approach, he shows how expectations for the future shape current decisions because they are based on the expectation that current racialized structures of inequality will continue. Delgado, Richard, and Jean Stefancic, eds. Critical White Studies: Looking behind the Mirror.

Philadelphia: Temple University Press, This collection approaches whiteness from a variety of angles, though it is primarily rooted in legal-studies literature. Critical White Studies is somewhat of a foundational text within the field of critical whiteness studies, as one of the earliest collections to explicitly target studies of whiteness within critical race theory.

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Frankenberg, Ruth, ed. This collection of essays brings together interdisciplinary scholarship on whiteness, ranging throughout the humanities and social sciences.

Collectively, these essays speak to the instability of whiteness, and how its boundaries shift throughout time and space to include or exclude different demographics. Costa Vargas, and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, eds.

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This edited collection brings together essays that address the ways that US empire is intimately interconnected with whiteness. The book features chapters examining the historical role of whiteness in shaping US empire, as well as more-current analyses of how the United States remains a white-supremacist, imperialist force at work in the world. Nayak, Anoop.

ISBN 13: 9780415519618

Nayak discusses approaches to critical whiteness studies seeking either to abolish, deconstruct, or rethink whiteness. This piece provides a helpful overview of the field of critical whiteness studies, and how academic and nonacademic challenges to whiteness intersect. Nayak mobilizes a diverse array of literature from the humanities, social sciences, and social theory to address some of the complexity inherent in the interdisciplinarity of critical whiteness studies.

Peach, Ceri. He explores scholarship that includes conflict within white groups, such as in Northern Ireland, as well as studies focusing on urban racial and ethnic segregation. Price, Patricia L. Rasmussen, Birgit B. Nexica, and Matt Wray, eds. The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness. Papers presented at a conference held in at the University of California at Berkeley.

This edited collection approaches whiteness mindful of the potential for critical whiteness studies to perpetuate white-supremacist practices. Rasmussen and colleagues bring together essays from key thinkers in diverse fields in critical whiteness studies. Twine, France Winddance, and Bradley Gardener, eds. Geographies of Privilege. New York: Routledge, This edited volume approaches the invisibility of various forms of social privilege, including whiteness.

The data are drawn from semi-structured photo-interviews and focus groups with 23 girls aged 13— The girls were avowedly open to ethnic, racial and religious diversity, which generated a cosmopolitan sensibility as a cultural resource. Nonetheless, subtle differences were reproduced through friendships, which along with being emotionally nurturing, were fraught and fractured in power. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

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