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10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don't Care About
  1. Woman orders glamorous peacock wedding cake and gets horrendous 'turkey with leprosy' instead
  2. All because the lady loves….
  3. All Because the Lady Loves Wedding Cake by Petra Kluske

The master plan is to one day have this as our family home, with all the hustle and bustle that goes with it. My blonde bobbed hair is currently untamed, with a slight wave to it, which has shaped itself into headphones and has tiny white dots attached from the previous days ceiling paint.

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The edges of my lips are chapped and scabby. I should really have worn a face mask when I was sanding the stairs. So, with the paint brush in hand, I begin the next stage of the transformation of the kitchen units. I prime them in silver paint, followed by a layer of Crackle Glaze. The next step is to brush lightly over with the lime green emulsion and hopefully this paint effect will work just like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen suggests.

I encourage this, as I want this move to be a success for us both and for him to come to the resolve that it has been a good relocation to make. I sing along to it as I know all the words. I picture being with my dad. It was just us and I felt really special and grown up being in the front seat of his car. He would point out the factory where he worked, as we drove to the shop to get his cigarettes.

He would give me ten pence to buy some penny sweets, which was enough to buy twenty Black Jacks or Fruit Salads if I wanted to. I might even get some Space Dust. One of my specialities was to pin his arms and legs down, then lick the end of his nose and blow, causing the effect of an intolerable itch.

In spite of this we also played well together. Steve made a much needed companion when it came to the many house moves we made. With every move we were encouraged to dispose of our possessions and start afresh. We had to get used to the daunting challenge of new schools and making new friends. Yes, all this was good character building, but I do not think it helped to install stability, nor encourage or enable long term relationships.

Woman orders glamorous peacock wedding cake and gets horrendous 'turkey with leprosy' instead

One move was made when I was only just sixteen and about to take my O-levels. A new school can be quite a hostile place at that age and few are willing to befriend the new girl unless you are a bit of a rebel or the classroom clown. I was neither. As soon as I hit thirteen, I started my morning paper round. It would take me just over an hour every day, paying me a wage of five pounds per week.

Four weeks wage enabled me to buy my prize possession—a Casio calculator wrist watch. Mum was a Care Assistant on and off during my childhood and she suggested I too go for a job in residential care.

My role would include getting residents up, washed and dressed, helping them on and off the commode, with any necessary wiping assistance given, cleaning the rooms and serving the meals. Working in the local supermarket and taking on a second paper round all added to my teenage employment record, along with working on a market stall and in a haberdashery. The money rolled in and I became a loyal customer of Burlington and Great Universal catalogues, with my instalments paid on time during the given twenty week period.

I was the first person in my school year to have a leather jacket. Even back then it cost me two hundred pounds, which seems madness as they are so much cheaper these days. In between her work in care homes, mum would work as a VDU visual display unit operator in banks and building societies, apparently to get good rate employee mortgages. Dad had previously worked in factories. I remember my primary school teacher struggling to hold back her laughter when I announced that Dad made toilet seats for a living and proudly showed her the miniature toilet seat key ring fobs I possessed in various colours.

During periods of unemployment, Dad would go on training courses to learn skills such as welding and carpentry. He had a well paid job as a cladding fitter for a short period, but got a huge shock when he found himself unable to pay the tax bill. Peter had been with our family for as long as I could remember.

He was not the most loyal of pets and would take any opportunity to escape from a gap in the fence or an open door. With the arrival of a new sibling and one accidental scratch too many, he had to go and for a time we all struggled with that loss, especially mum. Mum did not appear to be comfortable showing us physical affection, nor would she declare her love for us as Dad did. However, she would share her attention with us in other ways.

I recall that she perched a light blue shower cap on my head, with a small sock inside and hair band on top to create a bun, eyeliner pencilled across my forehead and sides of eyes, stockings wrinkled around my ankles, walking stick in hand and there I was, transformed into Ethel, the not so glamorous granny aged nine. Mum was a completely different character to Dad. She was the creative and wacky one, who drew pictures of fairies with pixy faces and long hair that curled at the ends.

I never quite understood why Mum would rush into school clutching a tea towel, having been called in to collect me when I was having yet another nose bleed. Mum would tell me the reason for this reoccurring event was because my nose was growing. She would have her herbal remedy books to hand and come up with her own diagnosis to most medical conditions.

What It Takes To Make A Wedding Cake

Mum would declare that I was the musical one in the family and persuasively suggest that I entertain guests with a little something like Chopsticks on the piano, followed by Portsmouth on the recorder then Streets of London on the guitar, so that we could all sing along at the end of this mini-concert. There were other times when Mum would cry and say she was depressed. I would have been no more than ten years old when she got me to phone her place of work saying,.

Sometimes Mum would scream as Dad was smashing up some household item, such as a plate or a food blender. Of course it would all eventually end with excuses from Dad saying,. With the bedroom floor now creatively stained and varnished, the walls brushed with the distressed effect, next comes the stencilling.

All because the lady loves….

The radio keeps playing those great tunes…. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Michelle was just twenty-one when she married the first love of her life. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

All rights reserved. This book is printed on acid-free paper. Good thanks. I said in an excited but slightly nervous tone. All my friends are in London. Of course it would all eventually end with excuses from Dad saying, "The kids. Start your free 30 days. We follow portioning guidelines on our packaging. We measure out our food. A couple of weeks ago I measured out exactly half a cup of rice for my dinner and was shocked to see that it was more than enough, and I probably would have normally eaten one whole cup.

We do our best to live a portioned life. We eat lunch and snacks together. Often times we end up sharing what we brought, by splitting salads, sharing bagels, and soups. Eating together is a time to walk away from our work, and to reconnect as friends. Tell jokes or stories and laugh together.

We believe that if you enjoy yourself while you eat you are more likely to feel satisfied both physically, mentally, and emotionally. You should never walk away from a meal feeling deprived in any of those categories.

All Because the Lady Loves Wedding Cake by Petra Kluske

Finally, we eat the darn cake, cookies, brownies, or sweets. And we eat something sweet every day, sometimes twice a day. We believe that if you eat something sweet and portioned everyday your body will be accustomed and it will not feel deprived, therefore you are less likely to binge eat or take a bigger portion because you are satisfied. Working at a bakery or not, follow these 5 simple steps and you will be good to go.

The moment the fresh breeze hits, Chef Aura pulls out the whoopie pie recipe from the book and whips us up a batch. We love these sweet treats because they are not HUGE, a couple of bites and you satisfy the sweet and fall tooth. The mixture of pumpkin, spice, and cream cheese frosting is completely out of this world. We wanted to share our recipe with you today, because we feel like everyone deserves to taste the sweetness. Preheat oven to degrees F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.