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  2. Hey, would you like to hide this kind of warning in the future?
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If you're a fan of RE4, then this is the spiritual sequal you've been looking for.

Wide array of awesome weapons that are fun to use but still leave a good balance of helplessness and hope. Gore is used a bit much and somewhat becomes desensitizing, taking away the thrill out of the scares. Overall great game! Highly recommended this game it's basically a horror version of dark souls.

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The Evil Within Bethesda Softworks. Continue Cancel. The Evil Within. Bethesda Softworks. Official Club Wish list. See System Requirements. Included in. Show more. Available on Xbox One. Sign in with your Microsoft account to view. May contain mature content.


Sign in. You may not access this content. People also like. Resident Evil 0 Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Resident Evil Rated 4.

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Outlast 2 Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Resident Evil 6 Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Add-ons for this game.

Hey, would you like to hide this kind of warning in the future?

The Executioner Rated 4. The Assignment Rated 4. The Consequence Rated 4. Additional information Published by Bethesda Softworks. Published by Bethesda Softworks. THIS is the perfect climax. Many bad psychological metaphors stand between Sebastian and his daughter, including his strained relationship with his wife, Myra, who wants to keep their daughter tucked away in the frothy void.

Myra can control the milk, you see, and she's built a milk house on a milk hill in a milk desert to protect Lily.

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That isn't gonna fly with Sebastian. After taking out a fiery cult leader producing magma men inside the milk dimension as a means of ruling it don't worry about it , Sebastian finally reaches the milk house and begs Myra to pack Lily's things and leave with them.

Descent into madness

She doesn't abide and threatens Sebastian, clearly conflicted over whether to kill him or not, flickering between a sinewy armored version of herself and her 'authentic' self, dressed in the latest from Nordstrom's Rack. So Myra charges and Sebastian shoots her in the head, which cracks like an egg and exposes a bundle of orange eyeballs just kinda rolling around in that carapace.

Naturally, she becomes milk, bubbles up, and emerges as a large, fleshy torso monster. At this point, I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe. There are long stretches of The Evil Within 2 that are as tense and terrifying as any great survival horror game, but I live for the whiplash that good camp provides. The two go at it in boss fight format, Sebastian with his guns and Myra with her massive blistered limbs and spider babies. You see, the milky white substance making up 'reality' is a metaphor for the deep state and corporate control over culture.

Myra only wants to protect her daughter because she, wielder of metaphor milk, has been indoctrinated by the milk.

Sebastian wants to break free, so he shoots the milk to make it go away. And when he shoots the milk enough to bust a big arm off, the arm, of its own will, scuttles toward Sebastian and picks him up. So stupid.

So good. This continues until the milk-wife is little more than a spine sticking out of the ground.

The Evil Within 3 Reveal Possibly Teased For E3 12222

But she melts back down and the two reconcile their differences like it's a daytime soap. The themes are all tangled up, but so earnest and transparent that I can't stuff down my affection. It's this spilling over of emotion and grotesque aesthetic and subtext that makes up the best campy horror, and The Evil Within 2 never holds back. The tone swings between horror and humor like a jackhammer in The Evil Within 2, between the moments where you're sneaking by a monster you can hear but can't see and those where you're shooting your wife's towering, blistered Milk Matrix torso in the weak spot as you scream at one another about what's best for your daughter.

These blinding contrasts sharpen the intended pathos, whether the desired result is a chuckle or scream.

Buy The Evil Within - Microsoft Store

The Evil Within 2 is packed with milk-wife moments: the fight with a goth Dragon Ball Z-looking guy in a gallery suspended beneath the gargantuan tentacled eye of a camera, or when Sebastian shoots a bed-ridden clone of himself to escape a nightmare in a nightmare. The Evil Within 2 is consistently buckwild. Milk-wife simply sealed the deal.